28 Dae Eetplan

The 28 Day Diet

Losing weight has never been easier... 3 Meals per day for 28 days

The ‘All in One Combo’ contains everything you will need to support you during your journey to a healthier thinner YOU.

The Combo consists of the following:

  • Beginners Guide and 200 Recipes Book
  • A3 Fridge Magnet
  • 28 Day Mealplan Keyring cards


The 28-day meal plan has a 12-hour fasting window, so it collaborates with intermittent fasting – there is a strict plan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

No sugar, fat or unhealthy carbohydrates

How this plan differs from other diets is that no food groups are excluded from it. It contains a little of all food groups (carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits, proteins, dairy products and fats) in the correct amount for optimal health.

The best decision of your life is TODAY!

Today you are make the best decision of your life, to bring the slim YOU inside of you to the best version of yourself! Is the eating plan for everyone? Please consult your doctor if you are on any medication and / or have any medical conditions.
The eating plan has already helped reduce blood pressure problems as well as lower diabetic 2 levels.


The eating plan is not for pregnant women or breastfeeding women but we have already seen heaps of 28 day eating plan babies come to life as a result of the eating plan .. and hopefully your husband (lol).
The eating plan is designed to compliment each meal onto the next meal so that you will lose optimal weight. Remember, not everyone loses the same or at the same pace. Some people who have more to lose will lose more weight than people who have less to lose. This is a lifestyle change and usually consists of
foods that we normally keep in our homes. If you are Chinese it will be difficult because here we eat bread, potato, avo, pasta, curry chicken, ice cream, smoothies and all kinds of delicious ordinary foods that you
normally have in your home.


Let’s be honest .. your previous habits got
you where you are now, let’s change those bad habits, you will still eat well but if you go for your old habits you will just fall back into the old you. Nothing
changes if nothing changes

The 28 Days Meal Plan Free Resources

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Hetty vandag, sy het 78Kg verloor!! En net twee jaar later het sy ‘n ongelooflike 78kg verloor! Haar gesondheid is wonderlik. Sy is gelukkig en voel wonderlik!

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