28 Dae Eetplan


28 Day Mealplan Meat, Fish and Chicken Recipes (E-book)


28 Day Mealplan Meat, Fish and Chicken Recipes (E-book)

What you will find in the book:

  • Important information about the Mealplan;
  • Success stories and how long it took to succeed;
  • Frequently asked questions and answers by other members;
  • Guidelines for children;
  • 4 weeks of shopping list per week;
  • The Mealplan summarized;
  • 3 Exercise Programmes;
  • 28 Day Mealplan with each meal’s rules;
  • 140 Meal ideas;
  • Meat, Fish and Chicken Recipes;
  • Guidelines for keeping your weight down after the eating plan;
  • Progress Journal;
  • Daily Inspiration.

*Please note if your are outside of South Africa and purchasing the E-book, please fill in any address in the Billing Section when placing your order


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